Welcome to the FuelIT Customer Portal.

The Fuel IT program puts the power in your hands with the Fuel IT Portal. We give our customers access to view account information whenever it's convenient for them. There's no need to keep long, printed reports that clutter your filing cabinets and desktops. Fuel IT reports can help you quickly gather fuel usage information that happened within 24 hours and as far back as 12 months. In addition to viewing their accounts transactions, Fuel IT customers can request changes to current cards or add and delete cards or drivers.

Some of the highlights of our Fuel IT Portal include:

  • View transactions 24/7 via fuel it web portal. 
  • Request new cards or users online. 
  • Eliminate the need for hand tickets.
  • Monitor driver activity within 24 hours of each transaction.
  • Establish exception reports with email notifications upon authorized purchases.
  • Create customized reports for any need at any time.
  • Allow department managers to view information for their department only.
  • Download, view on screen, or email reports.
  • View and/or download invoices and billing statements.
  • Customizable usernames and passwords for each user. 
  • Lock out specific drivers either temporarily or indefinitely.



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